A good night’s sleep keeps us looking our best while taking on the world. There are many things that we can do during the day in order to secure a good sleep. For instance, eat light dinners, and skip physical activity and alcohol consumption before bedtime. However, it is also very important how we sleep.

Our bodies must rest and recharge in order to keep operating at full capacity. It doesn’t really matter whether we like this or not, there are many important and necessary processes of regeneration that happen at night and this is what good night’s sleep serves for. We cannot beat nature’s laws even if we are Superwoman by day, we all have to sleep by night.

How does modern lifestyle affect sleep?

For many people, it is completely irrelevant when they go to bed, when they work and when they turn off the lights. Are you glued to your phone or laptop right until you hit the pillow (and maybe even after)? Or maybe, even with the best intentions, streetlights and city lights flood your bedroom. What we all need to understand is that darkness is a necessity for our beauty sleep.

The benefits of sleeping in complete darkness

Still think beauty sleep is just for your good looks? At night our bodies produce melatonin, which allows us to fall asleep, and stay asleep. We produce this hormone the most between 11 PM and 3 AM, and even the slightest ray of sunlight or artificial light interrupts the secretion of this important hormone. Less melatonin in the blood causes fatigue, bad mood, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, poor concentration and many other problems.

Melatonin supports the immune system and protects us from ailments such as heart attacks triggered by stress, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, and many other neurological damages and bacterial and viral infections. When you sleep in complete darkness you can expect your levels of melatonin to increase. Proper and regular secretion of this hormone will slow down the aging process, and don’t we all love that!

How to create complete darkness

We should accept the fact that we are living in a bright world, which means that we need to take some measures to create darkness. For instance, we can turn off the TV and put down our phones well before bedtime and most importantly wear an eye mask to sleep. High-quality eye masks like the ones produced by Perpetual Shade provide complete darkness for you to sleep better, no matter where you sleep. They are made of silk – a material that is breathable, has the ability to regulate temperature and has strong anti-aging properties. Wearing an eye mask is paramount for those looking for beauty sleep and a higher capacity for the next day.

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