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About BelaCasa

We are experts in curtain and blinds. We have spent many years working personally with our clients to create very individual stylish interiors. We provide a free in-home measure quote and free advice. We have a wide range to meet all your needs. We have state of art machinery and equipment and we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products every time.

We have made curtains and soft furnishings for thousands of customers, most curtain retail shops, showrooms and installers. Wholesale was the biggest part of our business. We were the actual makers who were doing all the jobs but never take credits when customers received their beautiful curtains and blinds.

From 2018, we have changed our business structures and now are providing all services to the public directly. Deal with customer face to face would be the easiest way to fully express our passion, truly understand what customer needs and save customer hundreds even thousands of dollars.

Dress your windows your way at lowest price

Window treatments are a seriously important — and often overlooked — part of a room. They can be functional, purely decor, or strike a balance between the two, depending on your space and the amount of natural light you receive. Whether it’s flowing drapes, Roman shades, or simple shutters, we’ve got everything for you.

Look “Pattern Match” then you find a PRO

Nothing gives a professional, finished look to a Breton striped tee or pair of plaid garment like a perfect pattern match. Artists have long been aware that any disruption in pattern draws the eye. While sewists can use the phenomenon in a pleasing way to produce visual interest, most often we avoid it by continuing the pattern of stripes, plaids, or large prints across visible seams in as unbroken a manner as possible, aiming for a balanced, harmonious effect.

NOT every factory or everyone can achieve a perfect pattern match. Send us a message and we will show you what can be done.


“I would recommend BelaCasa to all my friends – the staff were outstanding from a knowledge and customer service point of view.”

Jocelyn Avila

“Just came last night to find my new curtains installed. So beautiful. Thanks to Belacasa team for their professionalism”

Betty Cooper

“I chose BelaCasa because of their speed of response, creativity of ideas, range, professionalism and efficiency. Very happy.”

Helen Johnson

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