The thing to keep in mind is this: your window treatments need to be durable and resilient enough to not only withstand high humidity, wind and sun exposure; but to offer effective protection from the elements – so you can stay out on the balcony with your glass of wine, or enjoy dinner alfresco with friends, without worrying about the weather. Here are the best blinds and awnings for coastal living:

Windmaster awnings

Life in the world’s third windiest city isn’t without it’s challenges, especially when it comes to outdoor living and entertaining. From summer’s daily afternoon sea breezes to winter’s gusty, unpredictable winds, battening down the hatches is essential. The Windmaster range of awnings are designed with durability and resistance to extreme weather at top of mind. Made locally in WA, specifically in answer to Perth’s blustery climate, you know they’re made to last. And unlike other patio awnings that tend to flap about in the wind, Windmaster awnings will keep your blinds taut and secure, making them a perfect choice for balconies or areas that take full impact of the wind.

Zipscreen blinds

Does your home have ocean views? Firstly, we’re very jealous. Secondly, have you heard of Zipscreen blinds? These beauties are the ultimate all-rounder; they’re transparent for unobstructed ocean views and they reflect more than half the heat from the sun, creating the perfect outdoor space to escape soaring summer temperatures (you’ll also be able to entertain throughout the chiller months with ease). If you’re looking for stylish protection from the weather and pesky insects – while making the most of your ocean views – Zipscreen blinds are your answer.

Wireguide awnings

Thanks to their weighted aluminum bottom rail, Wireguide awnings offer unmatched control and functionality. These innovative awnings won’t flap or move around in the wind, meaning they’ll look perfectly stylish 100% of the time – ideal for outdoor entertaining areas. With custom made stainless steel fittings and cabling to suspend and secure the fabric, they’re designed to endure high winds and the harshest of coastal conditions, all year round.

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