Next to the colours you paint your walls, your choice of curtains and blinds arguably has the biggest impact on your interior design. So many styles are available, selecting the right curtains and blinds can be overwhelming. You have to start somewhere, though. This guide will help you narrow down the field and select the right curtains and blinds for your home.

Light or Darkness?

Before you start selecting fabrics and colours, ask yourself what the room needs. Do you need privacy or do you want light? If you need to keep outdoor lighting from penetrating the room at night, choose curtains or blinds that block out light. If you want filtered light to enter the room and privacy is not your primary concern, choose a semi-sheer material for your curtains or shade blinds that allow some natural light to enter the room.

How Much Privacy Do You Need?

Curtains and blinds can create privacy when you need it. You may want privacy, but still want to enjoy your view. Modern blinds can give you the best of both worlds. Some types of perforated or sunscreen blinds allow you to see outside, but block the view to your interior.If you need more privacy, you can buy blockout blinds or thicker curtains. If you want the option to block out the view or give you a filtered view, combine sheer curtains with thicker curtains.

Curtains or Blinds?

After you’ve looked at modern curtains and blinds, you’ll realize that both can be a stylish option for your home. Which should you choose? Blinds tend to have a sleeker, minimalist look to them while curtains are lush and elegant. Which one suits your interior best? Curtains can make a room appear smaller, so if you’re choosing curtains or blinds for a smaller room, consider choosing blinds instead of curtains or choose a combination of curtains made from a light fabric and blinds. When the curtains are drawn back, they add an elegant touch to the room. Blinds in a matching or complementary colour give you privacy when you need it.

Curtains or Blinds in the Living Room?

Curtains are the traditional choice for living rooms. They go well with living room furnishings and give a living room a relaxed, but stylish appearance.If you have a modern home, blinds may be a better choice for your living room. Their minimalist look makes them perfect for a modern home.

Curtains or Blinds in the Bathroom?

You want to have a window in the bathroom, but also want your privacy. Blinds are probably a better option than curtains. Curtains will absorb moisture and aren’t as versatile as blinds. Choose blinds that can be opened from the top or the bottom. This way, you can block the view into the bathroom, but allow light to stream into the room from the top of the window.

Curtains or Blinds in the Bedroom?

Curtains give a bedroom a luxurious feel, but if the bedroom is small, may make the room feel even smaller. You can have the best of curtains and blinds by choosing decorative blinds. They have the look of curtains, but won’t take up floor space in the room.

Curtains or Blinds in the Kitchen?

The kitchen is a work area and curtains may get splashed with food or water. Blinds are easier to clean and don’t protrude from the wall. You have so many colours and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect blinds for any kitchen.

Selecting curtains and blinds is a matter of personal taste. Start with your practical considerations, but don’t rule out either curtains or blinds. If you have trouble deciding which to use, an interior decorator may be able to help steer you through the maze of choices that are available today.

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